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Functions of Engineering Department

  1. To Construct and maintain infrastructures like public markets, public streets, drains, footpaths, bridges and culverts in the jurisdiction of the municipality.
  2. To prepare the Master plan for municipal area.
  3. To issue building approval within municipality.
  4. To take necessary action for proper lighting of the public streets.
  5. To undertake the necessary programs for the watering of public streets for comfort and convenience of public.
  6. To Plant trees on public streets and other public places.
  7. To maintain the public garden and open space in the municipal area.
  8. To implement all kinds of development plans.
  9. To improve the traffic signaling and transport.
  10. To set apart suitable places for use by the public for bathing, for washing cloths.
  11. To maintain vehicles, equipment and other instrument of the municipality.
  12. To maintain play ground of the municipality ensuring sound development.
  13. To auction actionable properties of the municipality.
  14. To provide and maintain public latrines and urinals.
  15. To supply drinking water for city dwellers.

Functions of Administration

  1. Execution of administrative works to run the municipality smoothly.
  2. Maintenance of the graveyards and Cemetery.
  3. Celebration of the national and other special days.
  4. Promote and encourage games, sports and cultural activities.
  5. Organize Rallies, tournament, Cultural Festivals and Social Services.
  6. Organize Eid Jamaat at Central Eidgah.
  7. To execute and undertake rescue and relief activities during natural disaster or famine.
  8. To check dangerous and offensive articles and trades.
  9. Budget Preparation, financial management, payment of utility and contractor’s bills.
  10. Preparation and Payment of Salaries.
  11. Coordination among the Departments for Accounts purpose.
  12. Collection of revenue tax from the holdings, rent from the markets of the municipal area.
  13. Collection of trade license fee, non-motorized vehicle’s fee and to issuance of trade licenses to the dweller in the municipality.
  14. To receive the advertisement fees, cinema and entertainment fees.
  15. To promote administration, execute and implement the schemes for undertaking any commercials or business enterprise.
  16. To assess the Tax Assessment Procedure for holding tax.
  17. To collect tolls from the public toilets and slaughterhouses

Functions of Health Department

  1. To control infectious diseases.
  2. To establish and maintain hospitals to receive and treat people suffering from infectious diseases.
  3. To register all births and death within the limit of the municipal area.
  4. To establish, manage, maintain, promote or contribute towards the maintenance of health centers, maternity centers and center for the welfare of women, infants and children.
  5. To provide the promotion of family planning program.
  6. To take the measures for promoting public health, including education in health.
  7. To establish and maintain number of hospitals and dispensaries as may be necessary for the medical relief of the inhabitants of the municipal area.
  8. To control stray animals in any streets, public places or cultivated land.
  9. To provide detention, destruction, or disposal of dangerous animals.
  10. Prevention of illegal and disease animal slaughtering, and legal procedure.

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