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Majar of lalon Shah, Cheuria, Kushtia

Lalon Shah (1774-1890) Baul guru, and singer and composer of baul songs. According to tradition, he was born into a kayastha family in the village of Bhandara in Kushtia. As a young boy, Lalon caught smallpox and was abandoned in a critical condition. Siraj Sain, a Muslim fakir, picked up the child and nursed him back to health. Lalon was later inducted as a Baul fakir. He set up an akhda at Chheuriya, where he lived with his wife and a few disciples. Lalon was a humanist who completely rejected all distinctions of caste and creed. He was also a fine poet and lyricist, whose songs are sung not only by his followers but also by non-Bauls. In 1963, a mausoleum and a research centre were built at the site of his akhda. Thousands of Bauls come to the akhda twice a year, Dol-Purnima, in the month of Falgun (February-March) and in October, on the occasion of his death anniversary. During these three-day song melas, Bauls pay rich tributes to their spiritual leader. Lalon Shah left no written copies of his songs, which were transmitted orally and only later transcribed by his followers. kangal harinath majumdar (1833-1896) was his direct disciple. rabindranath tagore was also inspired by his songs and published some of them in the monthly prabasi of Kolkata. Lalon died at Chheuriya, at the age of 116 on 17 October 1890.

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