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Topography of Kushtia Municipality

The topographical features of the Kushtia Municipality are more or less uniform. The land of the Municipality is almost a flat alluvial and sandy clay plain which is formed as a delta between the rivers Gorai and Kaliganga. The northern and eastern periphery of the Municipality has been surrounded by the two rivers namely Gorai and Kaliganga and the rivers also formed natural boundaries. The elevation of the Municipality from the Mean Sea Level (MSL) is 46.55 feet. The railway track passes through the heart of the city from east to west. The general profile of the Municipality area shows that it gradually slops down from north to south and ends at the Dhaka road (Kushtia-Rajbari Road). There exists a large borrow pit along the Dhaka road which acts both as temporary retention basin for the peak discharge during heavy showers and as a relief drain.

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